Lighting Matters in Professional Photography


This side-by-side comparison shows how strategic use of lighting and positioning can dramatically impact the resulting photograph.

One of the more misunderstood benefits of a great professional photographer is the attention to lighting.  A professional camera will take a good picture.  A professional photographer will use lighting, the camera and years of experience to capture a moment and create a photograph or portrait that looks amazing and reaches us emotionally.


Using the camera’s controls results in flat lighting and heavy shadows (left image). A pro manipulates light so the best features are the focus of your photographs.

A camera, even a professional-level camera, can’t create mood or fix washed-out images just from automatic settings.  A knowledge of lighting is needed to elevate images to a treasured portrait.  Great photographers make it look easy, using a fixed-position light, a specialized flash, reflectors or even simply using their experience to adjust the camera settings manually.

Professional photographers also consider how the light is interacting with their subject, how it reflects off nearby surfaces and how different textures will appear under various lighting configurations.

All these elements combine to create portraits that wow.  It is true that today’s photographers also use post-production tools like Photoshop to further enhance images, software can only correct so much.  Lighting and lighting effects are one of the main areas where a professional photographer really shines.

Light is one of the reasons we love summer portrait photography, too.  The humidity in the air adds a softness to the sun’s light, particularly later in the day.  The result is a portrait that has a richness of color and depth, and natural light that makes people look so radiant and full of life.

If you’re considering photographs of your family, this is a great time of year.  Call us today at 757-463-3353 for more information on how we use lighting to showcase you and your family.  You’ll be amazed at the results we can produce for you.