Professional Headshots & Business Pictures

Why get Professional Headshots?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression!” While that phrase might sound cliché, it’s also true. Make sure your professional image is communicating the right message about who you are.  

A 2013 MDG Advertising study revealed “Content featuring compelling images averages 94% more total views than those without…”

In a world overrun with mediocre images, standing out is more important than ever. Classically trained and creatively driven Ritchie Gregory and her team offer a level of experience and expertise that adds immediate impact to your marketing efforts. It is as affordable as it is valuable. We make a statement without saying a word. Call attention to your next run of business cards, build traffic for your events and corporate collateral. Light up your social media platforms with images crafted to captivate new business prospects.

Update your website, showcase your products or service, and feature a professional presence at speaking engagements, lectures, tradeshows, and conferences.   Adding a visual impact in your marketing efforts adds influence and increases the opportunity for a visible return on your investment.


Before we begin creating images, we will consult and determine the right look for you. Master Photographer Ritchie Gregory uses a combination of lighting ratio techniques, posing, backgrounds, lenses, along with your smiles and expressions. We have a 100% happiness guarantee.

How Often to Update Yours?

How often should a headshot be updated? Our experience shows that 3 to 5 years is a good average, unless your appearance changes dramatically. Another factor to consider is how likely it is that a client will call you if they see a current Professional Business Portrait that makes you easily recognizable when you finally meet them. Attention to detail and care in how you look helps to convey confidence and success. As a business professional you are part of your brand recognition. You can’t afford not to be.

Who gets them & Where can you use them?

Commercial Business portraits can be used for LinkedIn, websites and resumes.

We have photographed many people from a large variety of commercial backgrounds:

Government officials
Real estate Agents
Mortgage companies
Insurance companies
Small business owners and managers that are established, as well as startups
Restaurant owners and locations
Executive Portraits on location

Turn Around Time

After the photography is complete, you will see the images immediately. Together we will determine the best picture that flatters you and serves your needs.  We can retouch the images with you or complete the post-production work after you leave.  However, most people stay for the retouch service.  It is both fascinating to watch and it allows us to hear exactly what you want retouched!  The final images will serve you professional needs and project the image you are after. 

The images will be cropped and sized for your printing or website needs.

Preparing for and What to Expect for Your Professional Business Portraits

  • Select clothing that compliments you and is simple, not distracting. Solids work well. Dark colors can help make you look slim while lighter tones can be expanding.  However, if wearing a suit coat, jacket or sweater, a lighter shirt or blouse underneath often provides contrast and gives a sliming line to the front of you. When you are unsure you are welcome to bring in 3 or 4 tops, ties, or outfits and we will help you choose. 
  • Ladies: Feel free to bring in touch up makeup, lipstick, brush, etc. We also have an amazing and affordable makeup artist that comes to the studio upon request. Ask about Whitney!
  • If you wear glasses and are concerned about possible glare there are ways to minimize the problem during the photo session and artwork in post-production.
  • Don’t forget the accessories! Belts if we are shooting full length images.  Earrings, necklaces, company pins.  (Keeping jewelry complementary and not distracting…unless jazzy is part of your BRAND and it could be!)