If its fun does it still count as volunteer work?

CHKD’s Buddy Brigade Strikes a Pose…. Again! Earlier this month, the CHKD Pet Therapy Program invited us to photograph their lovely therapy dogs and we were excited to volunteer our time once again. We traveled out to Norfolk and set up in the hospital for a really fun session, and we were not disappointed! Even though the children of CHKD were not there, you can instantly see how these happy faces and wagging tails would light up a room of patients. In fact, the reason we photograph these beautiful animals is so that the kids get to play with their furry friends even after they have left by way of Buddy Brigade trading cards!

Every time a Buddy visits a patient, the child receives one of that dog’s trading cards. The kids then get the chance to either keep the card or trade it with another child at CHKD, depending on if they are trying to get one of every dog or if they collect as many as possible from their favorite Buddy. In this way the Buddy Brigade’s impact lasts long after they have left the hospital.

The images we have taken have put a friendly face for the fundraising efforts at CHKD and as a result have helped raised over $5,000 already! To be able to contribute like that to such an important organization is something we are happy to be apart of.


Buddy Brigade Trading Card“The photos of the dogs in the CHKD pet therapy program, the Buddy Brigade, are gorgeous. Ritchie captures each dog’s personality and the patients are delighted to receive one of the trading cards we designed featuring her photos. We have worked with Ritchie for over 5 years and she is always professional and her images are beautiful!”

– Joy Parker, CVA,
Director of Volunteer Services
Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters


Check out their websit and see some of previous years’ Buddy trading cards here.