Family Relationships Shine Through Because of Openness

A client’s trust, openness and generosity with information about their family’s personality really helps me tune in to their feelings and relationships. I love nothing more than collaborating with people to achieve the style and mood of photography that suits them best. I recently photographed a small extended family on the beach who responded to our Family Information questionnaire with a touching amount of sincerity and humor that really opened the door to their story.

Meg’s email says, “I want to remember this time with both extended and immediate family groupings; the fun that we have together, and how we love each other and enjoy being together. Our relationships extend beyond just the immediate family groups and cross over between the smaller family groups. I like some posed images, but I really like the casual ‘activity’ shots.”  She  goes on with some funny and descriptive anecdotes about her family as she sees them. On her feedback form she lets us know who’s a funny-guy cut-up, which little granddaughter loves to pose for the camera, which grandson is a bit shy and how he opens up around the family dog, and how their children met their spouses through a shared college cheer leading connection!

With this understanding, I was able to set up playful scenarios to capture candid moments on the beach. I saw all of the beautiful elements that make up Meg’s family as she experiences them. I’m so thrilled by the images we made together; it was truly a collaboration and it all happened because Meg opened up her heart. Check out these lovely images!