They are here!

There two things we want to announce today:

1) I have posted a few of my Yosemite Trip Photographs!!!!! (No more camera-phone pics, promise) I will continue to post more as I finish them, so check back periodically! You can see them in my new web gallery by clicking “Personal Projects”  under the “Gallery” tab or click here!


2) October has also arrived…. which means our benefit special has begun! Schedule a special session to take place this month; you get a HUGE DISCOUNT PLUS we will donate 50% to Operation Smile, a local non-profit that does a lot of good both here and around the world. I am listing the basics below, but please feel free to find out more by clicking this link:


Have fun, feel good, DO GOOD!

Basic Studio:
One 30-minute studio session and 5×7 print for $48 (Normally $170.00)
– A $24.00 donation to Operation Smile, we only need 10 of these sessions to save a child!
Standard Location:
A 45-minute session held at a local park, garden or your own home with an 8×10 print for $89 (Normally $220.00)
– A $44.50 donation to Operation Smile, 10 of these sessions pays for nearly two full surgeries!
Premiere Beach:
This hour-long beach session comes with an 11×14 print (and a HUGE value) for $175 (Normally $410.00)
– An $87.50 donation to Operation Smile, one surgery is covered by less than 3 of these beach sessions!


Call today to schedule! 757-463-3353