Summertime at the beach always brings shorts, tanned legs and flip-flops. It’s easy to think that dressing your group in shorts for a family portrait is a good option, but I think it feels better on people than it looks in a timeless image. In a family portrait with many faces, arms, legs, heads and smiles there is a lot of visual information for your eyes. KISS. When we cover a little more of the legs we don’t look at tan lines, cuts, shape and the size. In short it’s simpler. And there is a lot of power in simplicity.

My advice is to opt for capri length pants, longer skirts and dresses, and long pants. The solid fabric makes for an even look that allows the focus to be on every subject’s expression. Check out some of these examples:

A nice family photograph, but their legs compete with their faces. . .

A great example of a good looking family at their photographic best!