Tips for successful Baby Pictures

Plan the details

Plan the session with your photographer in advance of your session. This insures they will have the right background, location, and lighting ready to go. Also convey the order of importance of the pictures. i.e.: if there are 2 children, is it more important to get them together or separately? Infants and young children have a small window of attention and energy. Photographing in order of importance when many types of images or changes of clothes will increase the chance of getting the pictures you want the most.
Plan the clothing and special items that you may want to include.

Make the appointment

No immunizations for 5 to 7 days before session.
Schedule the session during the time when the baby is are most likely to be happy.
Make sure their bellies are full from a meal not sweets. Take a happy baby to the session!! Reschedule the appointment if the baby wakes up with a cold and just doesn’t feel good.
Select clothes that fit and feel good on your child. Clothes that are too big or small will not look good.

2. Plan the time

Its very important for you not to be stressed out prior to your baby’s session. Pack clothes or other items you want to take to your session the day before.

Leave plenty of time to get where you are going so you are not anxious. Your child will feel it and may become anxious as well.

Remain relaxed during the photo session. Your energy matters!

Help the photographer only when they ask for help. Too many people directing a baby or child can be confusing. Don’t mention food or snacks until the end or unless the photographer says that works.

3. Your portraits serve not only for you to enjoy daily and for many years, but as a way to hold on to these precious few days of childhood forever. Of all the impulsive ways we spend dollars on items that come and go, the money we invest in portraits is one few parents ever regret. Childhood goes so quickly.