I’ve been holding out on a blog for a little while.  It’s a committment and I just wasn’t ready.  And now I am! There is so much going on that I want everyone to  know about.  So, I invite you to check in from time to time and learn what’s happening.


Today, for instance is the 2nd day for Duckling Pictures.  Too stinkin’ cute.  I just completed a session with 2 sisters and several Daffys.  It’s a good thing we had an hour.  Having pictures taken with baby duckys sounds great when you’re at home with Mom…then to find out they are real, and they move and do a lot of pepping….well it can be a little intimidating.   We took it slow…that means the ducks left for a while.  We played, which I’m good at and eventually everything came together.  I love winning!