Peaceful Maternity Photography for Expectant Parents

Shane and Natalie are expecting their first baby, a girl, at the end of July and wanted some artsy and unique images to remember and cherish this time in their lives. Here, they share their impressions of the shoot:

Ritchie: So, when we had our planning session, you let me know that you guys were interested in being outside instead of in the studio. What was it that inspired that choice?
Natalie: We feel like the whole experience of our pregnancy has been natural and has made us more in touch with Mother Nature, so we wanted to have that reflected in our portraits.
Shane: Plus, we’re both outdoors a lot running, walking, going to local parks, and the beach.

Ritchie: Did you enjoy the actual process of being photographed at the Botanical Gardens?
Natalie: Yes! The light was beautiful, the setting sun was relaxing, and I felt peaceful. I also liked that we all talked about ideas for what images to take. It was a creative and collaborative experience!

Ritchie: What do you like most about the final images?
Shane: I think it’s really important to have pictures of this time in our lives. It’s such a brief time in our lives. It shows our closeness and our love for each other and our unborn daughter that will be ingrained in our family.

Collaborating closely with a couple ensures the images and session is unique and personal, creating lasting memories of a special time.