Clothes That Work for Women on a Beach Portrait Session

A Beach Portrait Session is a time to focus on the relationships and love you share with your family; so here are some tips and suggestions for clothes that work best for women so you’re confident (and not worried a bit) about how you look!

DO: Families with similar eye colors should think about choosing a shirt color that repeats a highlight found in the iris. For example, blue eyes may have flecks of warm brown which is likely to be a flattering shirt color. Hazel eyes may have touches or grey or green that can be pulled out and accentuated by wardrobe color choices. Brown eyes may be highlighted with burgundy colors.

DO: Ladies may consider bringing a light cardigan or wrap to wear over an outfit to add some variety to their ensemble. It looks feminine, and adds a pretty rhythm to the family portrait grouping. If the color of your wrap is a darker color than what you have on underneath, it creates a vertical and slender area that is totally slimming!

DON’T: Don’t choose a garment that’s too tight. This is a problem that is usually obvious in the images. Unfortunately, it just adds weight and we’re striving for just the opposite of that!

DO: Quarter length and long sleeves are usually the very best option for a woman’s shirt because it helps keep the focus on the face. Bare armpits and elbows steal away that positive emphasis.

DO: Darker clothing (especially pants) creates a slim line for your figure. Light colored or white pants add weight. Consider wearing capri pants, long slacks, or a skirt that hits below the knee so that you can sit comfortably in the sand. Too much bare leg can compete with the attention drawn to your pretty face.

DON’T: Avoid horizontal stripes which are widening as well as light colored belts. Both serve to cut your figure in half and seem to expand anyone’s width.

DO: Similar tones on top and bottom lengthen your height in a portrait. On the flipside, outfits with a lot of contrast, such as dark pants with a light top, can make you look shorter and emphasize the width of your waistline.

It also never hurts to make sure your hair is done in a way you’re used to and your makeup and nails are done nicely. But the very best thing you can do to ensure that you look terrific in your Family Beach Portrait is to relax, have fun and enjoy your family.









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